Chuo Noh Festival in Tokyo 2017

Noh “Unrin-in” (The Unrin Temple) Manzaburo Umewaka III




Noh Actor, Kanze School

Manzaburo Umewaka

Start 13:15 (To be scheduled)



Kyogen Actor, Izumi School

Ukon Miyake

— Intermission 15 mins —

Start 15:20 (To be scheduled)



Noh Actor, Kanze School

Hiroshi Nakamura


July 23rd, Sunday, 2017

Open    12:15
Start     13:00
Close   17:00 (To be scheduled)


Ginza Kanze Noh Theater

Ginza Six 3rd basement floor,
6-10-1, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan 104-0061
(Ginza Six will open on July 20th, 2017)


Ginza Kanze Noh Theater
Phone number, Official website
To be determined.
(Ginza Kanze Noh Theater will re-open on 20th April, 2017.)

Public transport (trains and buses)
(Ginza Six : Access)

Reserved Seats  (pink area) 7,500JPY(tax included)
Unreserved Seats*  (green area) 5,500JPY(tax included)
*Students in
high school, college,
university, graduate school
2,500JPY(tax included)
*Children and students in
higher grade of elementary school,
junior high school
1,000JPY(tax included)

Children of lower grade of elementary school and younger ones are not permitted to watch.

Ticket Purchase  

Chuo Noh Festival

English available



Inquiry in advance

Required the additional request
if needed specific English brochures
for stages on the day

e+ (eplus)

Japanese only

Online box office


Noh “Hagoromo” Saishiki-no-den Manzaburo Umewaka IIISynopsis of noh “Hagoromo” by the

The original sight of “Hagoromo”

Noh “Unrin-in” (The Unrin Temple) Manzaburo Umewaka III

A spring sight with cherry brossoms like “Unrin-in”

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