Ukiyo-e (Japanese woodblock paints) artist and Japanese paint artist, Kogyo Tsukioka (1869-1927) has known to a Noh Ukiyo-e artist as well in Meiji and Taisho era. He was born in Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo. He had tried to draw the moments of all the Noh plays (it’s said all is almost 250 programs). The collections are named “Illustration of Nohgaku.” In the collections, Kogyo basically had expressed realistic. But the angles to the stage are sometimes dynamic and free, and the motion of the actors and their costumes are very vivid and sensitive like watercolor paints against woodblock. In spite they did not utilize camera and photo as much as we currently do, Kogyo of memorial and creative ability is magnificent. The collections created in 1898. It was after Edo era, 120 years ago.  The whole of Kogyo’s collections shows us not only the artistic value but historical resources to study the Noh activities over a hundred year ago.
  Currently Noh actors do not normally appreciate such works on a daily basis. But to compare with between the historical art created 120 years ago and real-time performing art must be very unique and luxurious experience. You can realize that “Nohgaku photographers” must study to comprehend the better and best angles to express Noh performances.

  Photo or motion picture shooting during Noh performance is permitted only for the professional Nohgaku photographers, and the audience  is definitely prohibited it in rules based on law. We hope these collections help you to enjoy remembering our performance in advance or after the stages.


Photo of Noh Master, Hiroshi Nakamura
and Kogyo “Illustration of Nohgaku” Part1-2
 held in National Diet Library
(Published by Heikichi Matsuki who used to be located in Nihonbashi Yoshikawa-cho, 1898)
Noh “Ama” Noh “Takasago” Noh “Nishikigi”
31th Chuo Noh Festival in Tokyo,
July 10th, Sun., 2016
 30th Chuo Noh Festival in Tokyo,
July 5th, Sun., 2015
 29th Chuo Noh Festival in Tokyo,
July 13, Sun., 2014
能『海士』観世流能楽師 中村裕

耕漁『能楽図絵』 能『海士』Enlarge to see details

能『高砂』 観世流能楽師 中村裕

耕漁『能楽図絵』能『高砂』Enlarge to see details

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Hiroshi Nakamura’s Photo
taken by Yoshihiro Maejima [Maejima Photo Studio]

Kogyo “Illustration of Nohgaku” Part 1-1, 1-2, 2-1
(Published by Heikichi Matsuki)
Held by National Diet Library
Part 1-1 catalog Part 1-2 catalog Part 2-1 catalog
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Part 1-1 appendix Part 1-2 appendix Part 2-1 appendix
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Pieces of Kogyo “Illustration of Nohgaku” have been uploaded
in accordance with the regulation of the digital collections of National Diet Library.

* Part 2-2 has been existed. But it had not been released the way how to permit to share with somebody except the contents owners.

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